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West-East-Travel offers you a unique combination of traveling. The Participants will travel the landscapes which usually are not accessible to the mass tourism. So you could cover the cultural and the adventurous program and give to your customer the unforgettable impressions. The opened cabin brings to the tourist the feeling of safari as the result of the direct contact with the nature. The tourist becomes the participant of the adventurous expedition and gets charged with the impressions and emotions. Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 it is the super bug, the brand new technique with the upgraded quality of the offroader with automatic gearbox. Polaris RZR provides the opportunity of the socalled “wind into face” / adventure tours. As an example, we can convert with the help of Polaris RZR, a boring bus ride from Tbilisi to Sighnaghi in an exciting adventure with valleys, canyons and caves monasteries. After visiting the cave monastery we have a lunch break at the breathtaking place on the river bank. Stories about such travelling shall be shared for quite a long, are posted in the social networks causing for overwhelming and calling for the new participants to the new off-road adventures throughout Georgia. Team of a bug consists of four people, a driver and three passengers. For driving the ordinary driving license is required along with the ordinary experience of driving of the motor vehicle. Polaris RZR is easy to drive and does not require the special training. If none of the tourists want to drive the vehicle, that function will be undertaken by our tour-guide.

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