Enduro Hiking in Georgia 

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Georgia’s incomparable beauty of nature is a paradise for motorcycle tourists. You will never forget the roaring of motors, the fascinating steeps and slopes, the extreme landscape and the feeling of endless freedom luring you to ever new adventures. 

Whoever visited Georgia but once will always tell about the unrivalled, breathtaking Enduro-Motorsport adventures. You will be compelled by the fantastic, pristine nature, the overwhelming landscape leading you from one climatic zone to the next. Within a little more than just a one-hour drive you will pass through mountain forests, snowed-covered gorges and subtropical areas. 

Within 100 km in a round you may experience palms and bays, glaciers more than 5000 meters high, each further kilometer leads you through jungles, semi-deserts, bamboo forest, stretched green valleys. This diverse landscape gives you the impression as if you were driving through three continents at once. 

Georgia is a Christian country with a longstanding and deep tradition of hospitality. Ancient cultural memorials, frescos, old churches in high mountain villages tell of Georgia’s rich history. 

Just try the delicious national food and menus carefully prepared by your Georgian hosts like mchadi and khachapuri baked in the traditional tandyry oven, home-made salted sheep-cheese and ham shashlik. 

Driving through Georgia and experiencing its beauties gives you a taste of this amazing country.

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